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Add Your Heading Text Here About us Our Mission At Creative Concrete Concepts and Creative Stamping, we are committed to redefining the possibilities of construction and design. Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovation in the production and supply of construction chemicals and related products. Through relentless dedication to quality, creativity, and […]

ArtCrete Renders

Add Your Heading Text Here ArtCrete Renders The Best of Both Worlds When it came to wall finishes compromises had to be made: either go for the durability, strength and weatherability of cement-based colored plaster but live with the risk of cracks and limitations of a high-build system; or go for the ease of use, […]

TopCrete Micro Topping

Add Your Heading Text Here TopCrete Micro Topping Minimalist, Maximalist How can a finish be both in one? TopCrete Micro Topping is subtle, yet overt, making an stunning impression without being loud or overbearing. The continuity of space, seamless surfaces and nuanced variegated colors of this minimalist approach creates a deep sense of comfort and […]

CrystalTop Terrazzo

CrystalTop Terrazzo An Old Concept Modernized Invented in the fifteenth century by Venetian marble workers, terrazzo is a combination of marble chips in a binding matrix (back then it was clay) that is poured on site then grinded to reveal a spectacular random mosaic of colors. Today we modernize this beautiful old concept by introducing […]

PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete One With Nature How about a hardscape paving that blends with the natural scape of its surroundings? With PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate Concrete you can make your hardscape an extension of the natural surroundings. A cast in-situ system with a multitude of concrete colors that blend with nature, and aggregates that look […]

Pavecrete Stamped Concrete A Paving Solution For All At the core of cast in-situ stamped concrete hardscape paving is a monolithic, structurally reinforced concrete slab that is colored, treated and textured on site to produce an infinite variety of colors and textures in the shape of natural stone, cobble, slate, timber and tile, and that is suitable for […]

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