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TopCrete Polyacrylate terrazzo

Add Your Heading Text Here TopCrete Polyacrylate Terrazzo A CLASSIC BEAUTY RENEWED Unlike competing products on the market, TopCrete 720 is truly based on an advanced formula and modern material technology. A hydraulic binder modified with redispersible polymers, TopCrete 720 advances an ancient art and pushes the envelope of performance and versatility to new limits. […]

TopCrete Exposed Aggregate Overlay

Add Your Heading Text Here TopCrete Exposed Aggregate Overlay A Liberating Approach Exposed aggregate finish is typically produced by applying retarder to the green concrete surface and washing it the next day to exposed the aggregates. The shortcoming of this traditional approach lies in the limitations imposed by the components of the concrete mix available: […]

TopCrete Micro Topping

Add Your Heading Text Here TopCrete Micro Topping Minimalist, Maximalist How can a finish be both in one? TopCrete Micro Topping is subtle, yet overt, making an stunning impression without being loud or overbearing. The continuity of space, seamless surfaces and nuanced variegated colors of this minimalist approach creates a deep sense of comfort and […]